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 artists statement

My work balances between the ephemeral and the emotional in often fragile and delicate pieces. I like referring to the fragile nature of the human connection to people, places, things and emotions in spiritual and physical states in what I call "The Ephemeral Dialogue". Nothing is set in stone and the work usually begins from a place of intuition, revealing its meaning over the course of time, and is never finished in its sense of interpretation.


I construct work that emphasizes these connections. Constructing Some of these being strong and able to withstand time while others are fleeting and wait for a destiny of certain failure. Destined To Fail, and much like our many connections in life the work is built up in layers.


The connections we have in life: to friends, family, passersby, and to life itself, are intangible yet real. Therefor, much of this meaning translates in a physical representation of using the home, somehting every human has a relationship with. What is the home? What is it like to be home? Can we reinterpret this meaning? This feeling? How and does it change over time for each individual? Is it tragic or safe?


Derived from a self generated language, which the meaning of is slowly being revealed, working each day in the studio is much like each day spent in spiritual or psychological search. The work emphasize this conversation with self. The dialogue is the basis for my connection to the viewer, (yet another connection in my life that I am usually not even a part of), and sometimes never even directly involved with even though the viewer may become what some like to call “Collectors”. What happens to my voice and my language when another being is interpreting what I've created by starting with the dialogue that exists among themselves?


I consider everything I make to be a self portrait, as language and connection in the basis of all cultures and life. Without them we lack meaning. The stronger the connections and  more precise the language, the more security and efficiency runs throughout the community. So much like my work, the stronger the connections, the more durable is the work.

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